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National road traffic injury accidents record: analysis report

April 09 2015

To know, in an exhaustive way, road traffic accidents with at least a lightly injured person, to realize studies allowing to define and evaluate road safety policies. Especially to measure the frequency of accidents from situation to situation and, whenever possible, to take into account the exposition to risk. Measure the involvement of the road, the vehicle, the user, the behaviors, the speed, the alcohol... Realize chronological series. Develop research orientation from this file (for example: medical/road accidents research, matching with CNAM data)

Patients with Marfan Syndrome or Related Conditions

April 09 2015

General objective: To assess predictive factors of aortic dissection in patients with Marfan syndrome in order to determine parameters for aortic surgical treatment that are poorly defined at present. Secondary objectives: - To describe modern representation of patients with Marfan syndrome - to investigate intrafamilial variability - To investigate the importance of gender, treatment benefits and changes in treatment over time - To study factors of aortic dilation.

Observational Cohort on Rheumatology Practices and Uses

September 08 2015

General objective: to determine the impact of basic prescribed treatment with or without prescribed biotherapy, focussing on the impact of changes in biotherapy over time. Epidemiological recording of the occurrence of adverse events in the long term. Secondary objective: To investigate the role of biotherapy in patient treatment by determining its position in prescribed treatment order during therapeutic sequences.

Cross-sectional Survey on Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs and Practices Regarding HIV/AIDS and Other Sexual Risks in The West Indies and French Guiana

May 03 2017

Twenty years after the first AIDS cases were reported in French départements in the Americas, the KABP general population survey aims to characterise social representations that populations residing in these départements have concerning HIV/AIDS, their knowledge of transmission routes and treatment, their attitude towards people affected by HIV, their knowledge of HIV transmission risk and adaptation in response to this risk. The objective of the 2011-2012 survey is to determine the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices regarding HIV/AIDS in French Guiana, Martinique and Guadeloupe (transmission routes, protection, screening etc.) as well as sexual risk, elective abortion, contraception and other sexual health related topics, in order to characterise specific aspects of French départements in the Americas and developments since the KABP Antilles-Guyane 2004 survey.

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