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In 2020, the Portal evolve to facilitate the identification of individual health databases concerning Covid-19 in France

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26 October 2015

SFSE Congress: "Climate change and health: what risks and what remedies?"

SFSE Congress Date : 24 & 25 November 2015 in Paris  Organizer : SFSE (French Health and Environment Society) Theme : "Climate change and health: what risks and what ...

21 October 2015

Aviesan call: Support for research on connected objects

The Public Health and Health Technologies ITMOs and Aviesan support research projects to unravel the role of connected objects in healthresearch. Collaborative or integrative research projects or projects ...

28 September 2015

The Epidemiology-France portal is now certified by HONcode

Since July 16, the portal Epidemiology-France is certified by HONcode, which aims to certify the health websites committing to the eight principles of conduct developed by the Foundation Health On the Net ...

15 September 2015

Scientific days: what contribution of french cohorts on aging?

Place and date: October 5, 2015, Aviesan (Trocadero Room, 2nd floor - Building A - Biopark, PARIS) Organizers: Claudine Berr (Inserm U1061) and Archana Signh-Manoux (INSERM / CEPA U1018) These days allow ...

26 August 2015

First ANSM study conducted using SNIIRAM data

The first epidemiological study on medical devices, conducted using data from SNIIRAM and directed by MSNA, is published in the American scientific journal JAMA SURGERY. It focuses on the study of the life of total hip arthroplasty ...

26 August 2015

New results for the 2015 survey NOYADES: still a significant number of accidental drownings

The french Health Monitoring Institute (InVS), as part of the investigation NOYADES 2015, has identified since June 1, 761 accidental drownings, 261 of which ...

01 July 2015

Diabetes epidemiology day

Date: 7 september 2015 in Paris Organizer: Centre for research in epidemiology and population health" (CESP) Theme: Diabetes epidemiology Website of the event: http://e4n.fr/cesp-diabete

01 July 2015

French-brasilian forum for innovation

Date: 19 et 20 october 2015 in São Paulo Organizer: ITMO Technologies pour la santé (Health technologies) Theme: technologies for access to health care for the most vulnerable populations. Contact: contact-f2bif.its@aviesan.fr Visit ...

15 June 2015

6th International R&D Meeting “From Rare Diseases to Personalized Medicine”

Paris June 30th, 2015 Public and private partnerships are essential to foster innovation in health industries. A great number of companies committed themselves to their development ...

06 May 2015

GEHOPS symposium in Nantes : Genetic Epidemiology in Homogeneous Populations Symposium

Exploring the genetic architecture of complex traits requires identification of low frequency variants with large effect size. Founder and isolated populations provide a ...

05 May 2015

The CépiDc (Inserm) is recruiting a software/statistical engineer on medical and administrative databases

Context The reuse of large databases of medical and administrative data (BDMA) to meet the priorities in public health knowledge is one of ...

24 April 2015

Launch day of the DVS Biomarkers in neurology and psychiatry

Date July 2, 2015 in Paris (Aviesan) Organizer Strategic biomarkers valuation area in neurology and psychiatry Theme DVS Launch Day  Registration deadline May 18 ...


Under the authority of AVIESAN, the French National Alliance for Life Sciences and Health

The “Epidemiology – France” Portal offers an online catalogue of the main individual health databases in France that are likely to be useful for the development of research and expertise in public health.


In 2020, with the support of the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI), the Institute for Public Health Research (IReSP) and the Aviesan Alliance have updated the Epidemiology Portal France to facilitate the census and the identification of individual health databases concerning Covid-19 in France. This development is part of the National Plan for Open Science.
In such a framework sanitary crisis, the objective is to improve the visibility of these studies, collaboration between teams, and the secondary use of data collected for research purposes.
Thus, for each database identified, it is specified whether it is related to research on Covid-19.


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