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Longitudinal study of the effects of aircraft noise exposure on the health of people living in the vicinity of French airports

November 10 2017

The purpose of DEBATS is to better understand and better quantify the effects of aircraft noise exposure on the health of people living near French airports. A global approach is adopted to characterise the relationships between exposure to aircraft noise and the health conditions of those living near the airport on both a physical and mental level, but also in terms of annoyance.
DEBATS includes two studies corresponding to two types of methodological approaches (an ecological study and a longitudinal individual study), as well as a complementary individual study. The subjects included in the two individual studies will be selected from within the zones where the aggregated macroscopic data are available for the ecological study. The comparison of the results from these two types of methodological approaches and the confirmation of their consistency allows for the confirm the reality of the associations that will be shown.
DEBATS consists of a national research program among those residing near three French airports, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Lyon-Saint Exupéry and Toulouse-Blagnac.
It includes:
• An ecological study consisting of a collection of health indicators aggregated at the municipality scale (consumption of care prescribed and reimbursed by health insurance, unreimbursed sale of medications by pharmacies, all-cause mortality and mortality from specific causes) with the weighted average level of exposure to aircraft noise of the municipalities involved.
• An individual longitudinal study including 1,244 subjects. During their inclusion in the study, and then two and four years afterward, the information concerning their health condition is obtained at the participants' homes, firstly by administering a questionnaire (effects on sleep and the cardiovascular system, anxiety and depressive disorders and annoyance), and secondly by measuring their blood pressure, heart rate and concentration of salivary cortisol (marker of stress states).
• A complementary individual study called the "sleep study", including 90 individuals living near the Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport and 20 individuals living near the Toulouse-Blagnac airport who have agreed to participate in the previous study. The objective is to characterise, in a detailed and specific manner, the acute effects of aircraft noise on the quality of sleep, while refining the measurement of exposure to noise.


November 10 2017

To describe the epidemiology of immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) and of autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA) , real-life exposure to treatments and their risk-benefit ratio.

Observatory of Patients with laminopathies and emerinopathies

November 02 2017

to precise the natural history of musculrr, cardiac, respiratory, orthopaedic and metabolic involovements of patients suffering from laminopathies and emerinopathies.
to identify cardiovascular, neurologic and respiratory prognosis factors.
to identify obstetrical and perioperative complications related to laminopathies and emerinopathies.
to identify correlations between LMNA/EMD gene mutations and the observated phenotypes.
to have a repository ready for inclusion of patients in future therapeutic trials.

Childcare and Services for Young Children - Metropolitan France - 2007

November 01 2017

To identify the different care solutions adopted by parents and to understand how they reconcile their professional and family life.

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