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Overweight in 7-9-Year Old Children in the Second and Third Year of French Primary School (CE1 and CE2)

May 16 2018

To describe the prevalence of excess weight and obesity in school children in CE1 and CE2 classes throughout France.

French Study on Infant Food and Nutritional status During The First Year of Life

May 18 2018

To describe feeding during the first year of life, based on a national sample of infants born in France, by particularly estimating: (i) Maternal breastfeeding frequency, duration and exclusivity (ii) type, duration and amount of formula used (iii) introduction of complementary food (when new foods are introduced, type and amount).

Elements of the COnsultation in GENeral practice

March 24 2018

To describe the distribution of the reasons for encounter and processes of care associated to the main health problems (consultation results) managed in French general practice

Description of the profile of hypertensive patients treated with calcium channel blokers

January 01 2018

Describe the profile and the care for hypertensive patients treated with calcium channel blockers and their distribution according to the level of the cardio-vascular risk as defined by HAS (French National Authority for Health) 2005.
- Describe the distribution of the risk factors according to sub-groups of age.
- Describe the profile of hypertensive patients on calcium channel blockers according to blood pressure control.
- Describe the therapeutic strategy when the high blood pressure is not controlled.

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