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Identification of artery stiffening as a risk factor associated with deterioration in renal function for individuals with chronic kidney disease

April 01 2019

General objective: to show that aortic stiffness predicts the rate of renal function decline in patients with moderate to severe CKD. Secondary objectives: - To identify the relationship between arterial parameters, renal function and metabolic parameters; - to examine the evolution of arterial parameters throughout kidney disease progression; - to examine the evolution of arterial parameters other than aortic stiffness and renal function deterioration; - to correlate vascular properties with the occurrence of cardiovascular and renal events with a composite endpoint (end-stage KD...).

Mental Health and Addiction Among Homeless People in Ile-de-France

April 01 2019

To estimate the prevalence of primary psychiatric disorders and addictions in the homeless population in Ile-de-France. To study medical care sought in order to improve therapeutic treatment and adapt accommodation/housing conditions. To calculate the size of the concerned population in Ile-de-France (representative survey)

Risk Observatory for Cohort of Persons Registered with the Independent National Social Security Fund for Mines in Northern France

March 01 2019

General objective: to observe the risks for a cohort of persons registered with the Independent National Social Security Fund for Mines in Northern France.

Cohort of Patients Who Underwent Aortic Valve Replacement with Bioprosthesis

January 13 2019

To provide specific information (incidence, mechanism, impact) regarding structural valve deterioration after fitting a Mitroflow valve.
To compare the results with other bioprosthesis.
To provide clinicians with information in order to choose the best solution for fitting a valve in the event of heart valve disease.

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