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Cohort of Patients Who Underwent Aortic Valve Replacement with Bioprosthesis

January 13 2019

To provide specific information (incidence, mechanism, impact) regarding structural valve deterioration after fitting a Mitroflow valve.
To compare the results with other bioprosthesis.
To provide clinicians with information in order to choose the best solution for fitting a valve in the event of heart valve disease.

National survey one day on smoking prevalence in general practice

January 01 2019

Contribute, in the framework of an epidemiological cross-disciplinary approach, in determining the frequency of smoking whether or not diagnosed, whether or not treated, in patients consulting through general practice in France and accepting to participate in this survey.
- Describe the smoking behavior in the patient sub-groups according to the possible existence of associated pathologies.
- Study the professional practices concerning caring for smoking in general practice in France.

Observational study of the real-world usage, efficacy and safety of rosiglitazone in Type 2 diabetics

January 01 2019

To describe the profiles of patients being treated by general practitioners and specialists, compatibility of practice with the SPC, patient compliance, and the safety and efficacy of rosiglitazone in "real-world" conditions of use.

Evaluation study of the DN4 questionnaire in mixed pain

January 01 2019

Compare the average scores of the DN4 questionnaire observed in 4 sub-groups of patients monitored for lumbar radiculalgia.
Secondary objectives:
- For each item on the DN4, compare the proportion of the positive items between each sub-group.
- Compare the proportions of the subjects that have a DN4 score > 4/10 between each sub-group.
- Compare the proportions of the subjects that have been considered as having neuropathic component by a 1st investigator between each sub-group.
- Estimate the sensitivity, specificity, the positive and negative predictive value of the DN4 scale in relation to the opinion of the 1st investigator within each sub-group:
o By taking a DN4 threshold at 4/10
o Using the ROC curve
- Compare the averages of the scores of the modified Schöber index and the ""hand-to-floor distance"" according to the presence or not of a neuropathic component in the 4 sub-groups.

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