ANRS - Parcours - ANRS-PARCOURS Study « Life Course, HIV and Hepatitis B among African migrants living in Ile-de-France »

Head :
Desgrées du Loû Annabel , Centre Population et développement, UMR 196 Université Paris Descartes-IRD, Paris, France
Lydié Nathalie, Santé publique France

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General Aspects
Governance of the database
Scientific investigator(s) (Contact)
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Type of database
Database objective
Population type
Size of the database
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Detailed name ANRS-PARCOURS Study « Life Course, HIV and Hepatitis B among African migrants living in Ile-de-France »
Sign or acronym ANRS - Parcours
General Aspects
Medical area Infectious diseases
Pathology (details) HIV, chronic hepatitis B
Health determinants Lifestyle and behavior
Social and psychosocial factors
Keywords sub-Saharan Africa, chronic hepatitis B, HIV, screening, Migration
Funding status Public
Details National Research Agency against AIDS and Viral Hepatitis (ANRS), Direction Générale de la Santé, Santé publique France
Governance of the database
Sponsor(s) or organisation(s) responsible National Research Agency against AIDS and Viral Hepatitis (ANRS)
Organisation status Public
Scientific investigator(s) (Contact)
Name of the director Desgrées du Loû
Surname Annabel
Unit Centre Population et développement, UMR 196 Université Paris Descartes-IRD, Paris, France
Organization IRD
Name of the director Lydié
Surname Nathalie
Unit Santé publique France
Organization Santé publique France
Additional contact
Main features
Type of database
Type of database Study databases
Study databases (details) Not-repeated cross-sectional studies (except case control studies)
Database recruitment is carried out by an intermediary A selection of health institutions and services
Database recruitment is is made on the basis of: Another treatment or procedure
Database recruitment is carried out as part of an interventional study No
Additional information regarding sample selection. Three groups of migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa: a group living with HIV, a group living with chronic hepatitis B and a group who has neither of these pathologies
Cf :
Database objective
Main objective The objective of the Parcours study is to understand, among sub-Saharan African migrants, how social and individual factors combine in the course of migration and settlement in France, and increase or decrease the risk of infection, improve or reduce access to prevention and care, optimize or restrict the effectiveness of care for both HIV and hepatitis B diseases.
Inclusion criteria - For the 3 groups:
o Be born in a Sub-Saharan African country and with Sub-Saharan African citizenship at birth,
o Be aged 18 years or older,
o Followed in the service for one’s own health.

- For the HIV group:
o To have been diagnosed for HIV more than 3 months ago, regardless of co-infections

- For the hepatitis B group:
o To have been diagnosed AgHBs+ more than 3 months ago and not be HIV co-infected

- For the primary care group:
o Not be known by the consulting physician as infected by HIV or HBV.
Population type
Age Adulthood (19 to 24 years)
Adulthood (25 to 44 years)
Adulthood (45 to 64 years)
Population covered General population
Gender Male
Geography area Regional
French regions covered by the database Île-de-France
Detail of the geography area Île-de-France
Data collection
Date of first collection (YYYY or MM/YYYY) 2012
Date of last collection (YYYY or MM/YYYY) 2013
Size of the database
Size of the database (number of individuals) [1000-10 000[ individuals
Details of the number of individuals 2468
Database activity Data collection completed
Type of data collected Clinical data
Declarative data
Clinical data (detail) Direct physical measures
Declarative data (detail) Face to face interview
Details of collected declarative data Course of migration, socioeconomic conditions, sexual and reproductive life history, screening and care history
Presence of a biobank No
Health parameters studied Health event/morbidity
Health care consumption and services
Quality of life/health perception
Care consumption (detail) Hospitalization
Other (detail) Cf :
Data collection method Life-event history questionnaire administered face-to-face by a specialized interviewer
Participant monitoring No
Links to administrative sources No
Promotion and access
Link to the document
Other information Cf :
Terms of data access (charter for data provision, format of data, availability delay) Ongoing
Access to aggregated data No access
Access to individual data No access

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